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Fire is Yellow

words and music by John Allee


Emmett Roe locked the doors

On twenty five desperate southern souls

Trying to work their nine to fives


He locked the doors – Kept ‘em tight

He never did care that they all might

End up fighting for their lives


Fire is yellow

The color of the moon

Your mama will be prayin’ for you soon

Fire is yellow

Its reaches only spread

Your mama will be cryin’ when you’re dead


Emmett Roe liked to say

He never did trust them anyway

Stealing chicken parts and such


It all adds up – every dime

The cigarette breaks, the wasted time

“I ain’t no sucker – Not so much”


Fire is yellow

The color of a snake

The more you try to give, the more they take

Fire is yellow

And colors like to run

They do a lot of damage when they’re done


Emmett Roe got a call

Said that a fire killed them all

When the fryer caught a flame


The workers ran, they couldn’t see

And only one man had the key

But there’s a hundred men to blame


Fire is yellow

The color of disease

Your mama will be fallin’ on her knees

Fire is yellow

It’s greedy and it’s hot

Your mama will be missin’ you a lot

© 2007 John Allee/Portuguese Knees Music ASCAP.

Lyrics Reprinted with Permission.  All Rights Reserved.

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