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Until the Money's Gone
Words and music by John Allee
Cash your check on Friday it’s two days ‘til it posts
Start the weekend slowly with a drive to the coast
Scare up some provisions at the local liquor store
Don’t you know this party’s gonna be straight up hard-core
And we’ll be havin’ some fun, uh, uh, until the money’s gone

Hop a flight for Vegas keep this evening on track
Hook up with some babies you remember from way back
Hit the strip – while you’re trippin’ it, catch a ride in someone’s Rolls
End up in a session with these cats from Muscle Shoals
And we’ll be havin’ some fun, uh, uh, until the money’s gone

Monday’s a drag and Tuesday’s a bust
And who could face that with that kind of disgust?
Wednesday’s too rough and Thursday’s a crime
So why not get lost for a whole lot more time?

Back at the casino hit a straight – hit it twice
Order up some drinks and maybe try your luck at dice
Scarf some scrambled eggs and tip your waitress with a smile
Take her to your room and show your gratitude in style
And we’ll be havin’ some fun, uh, uh, until the money’s gone

Back out on the highway find this crazy circus clown
Left there by the circus when the circus was in town
Dig his groovy music while his monkey keeps the beat
Bust some moves and hit the grooves with everyone we meet
And we’ll be havin’ some funk, uh, uh, until the monkey’s gone

Monday can chill and Tuesday can wait
And what good am I anyway in this state?
Wednesday’s a wash and Thursday’s just gone
And why should you care - I mean whose side are you on?

End up with these roadies at some roadside motel
The quiet one with the big black eyes – well, she’s got me in her spell
Someone lights a cigarette, forgets it ‘til it’s spent
The room goes up and the girl goes out and I’m left without a cent
Man, those roadies are fun, uh, uh, until the money’s gone …


© 2023 John Allee/Portuguese Knees Music ASCAP.
Lyrics Reprinted with Permission.  All Rights Reserved.

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