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Flesh and Bone
Highlights from John's recurrig role as Pasha on the Starz miniseries Flesh and Bone from Breaking Bad EP Moira Walley-Beckett. (Some Strong Language)

The Solution
John makes a guest appearance as Lillian, the robotic receptionist in this dystopian webseries written by Ryan Wilson and directed by Patrick Ford.

This Week in Shakespeare - Iago
John discusses how Shakespeare ultimately grounded him as an actor and a person, despite an early flying mishap on stage as Puck that left him hanging. He also performs a Iago soliloquy (starts at 4:11).

Audio Work

Hear audio samples of John's voice over work

Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene

Two Dead Girls i Jubeliene - John Allee as Sheriff Donnelly

John as Sheriff Donnelly on the serialized crime fiction podcast Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene

Audio Book Sample

John Allee - Audio Book Sample - John Allee

John reads from Cormac McCarthy's

All the Pretty Horses (Demo)

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