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Where's the Door?
Words and music by John Allee

Where’s the door?
I just got to know
‘Cause I ain’t singing any love songs anymore
About the chick at the bar
With the Chiclets grin
Who can’t see where she is going
And can’t remember where she’s been
Or the sloe-eyed boy
Who’s incurably grim
‘Cause he is holding onto to someone
Who isn’t holding onto him

It’s the same old hurt
In that same old place
Never changing from face to face
Not yours
Not mine

This Jack and Jill
Well, they fell apart
‘Cause time can do that with the facets of a heart
But they’re acting cool
Like it’s no big thing
So many promises get broken
So many choruses to sing
But you and I
We know the truth
He is always feeling lonely
And she gets drunk on sweet vermouth

It’s the same old tune
In that same old key
Never changing from you to me
Not now
Not then

I think I’ll go
I’d better go
So, where’s the door?

© 2023 John Allee/Portuguese Knees Music ASCAP.
Lyrics Reprinted with Permission.  All Rights Reserved.

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