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Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day
Words by William Shakespeare/John Allee
Music by John Allee


Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day

All in the morning betime

And there a maid at the window,

To be his Valentine


Up he rose and donned his clothes

And dupped the chamber door

Let in the maid that out a maid

Never departed more


He said lady, may I take your coat

And offer you some wine?

She said, you can take my maidenhead

And be my Valentine

Quoth she, “Before you tumble me

You’ll promise me to wed”

He answers

“So will I do, by your holy shoe

Shouldst thou let me take you to bed”

By Jesus and Saint Charity

Alack, and fie, for shame

Young men'll do it if they come to it

By the Cock, they are to blame


Then up she rose and donned her clothes

And dupped the chamber door

Went out a maid that in a maid

Never knew what was in store


For lo, he took a different wife

A maid not tried, but true

Feign not surprise

It wasn’t hard to prophesize

He did what so many guys do


Quoth she, “Before you tumbled me

You promised me to wed”

He answers

“So would I ha' done, by yonder sun

If thou hadst not come to my bed”


Go to, go to, you ladies all

And grab what peace you find

And if your man be great or small

Pray he’s also kind

And maybe pay his words no mind

© 2019 John Allee/Portuguese Knees Music ASCAP.
Lyrics Reprinted with Permission.  All Rights Reserved.

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